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Sevilla is this year the winner of the Europa League. In Basel, at St. Jakob Park in front of 35000 spectators, the Spanish club played against Liverpool and manage to win the cup. 

Liverpool 1-3 Sevilla, this was the result in the end of the 90 minutes. Sturridge scored the first goal of the match for Liverpool at the 35', the first half finished with this result. The second half of the match was a dramatic one for Liverpool but a great one for Sevilla. At the first minute of the second half Gameiro scored for Sevilla and drew the result. The one who gave the victory was Coke with his two goals at the 64' and 70'. For sure it was a great match.

Tonight Sevilla made history by winning the third  Europa League tittle in a row. This is the fifth Europa League cup in total for them, which is a record, none other have as much Europa League cup as Sevilla.

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