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Tonight was played the final of the 2015-2016 Champions League, in Milan. The two finalist were Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid, its was an euro-derby. The same teams also played the Champions League final two years ago.

The match was very exciting. At the 15' Ramos scored the first goal of the match for Real Madrid. At the end of the first half Real Madrid was leading the result. In the second half Atletico Madrid had a very good chance to equal the result but from the 11 meter, the penalty, Griezmann didn't score, it was the 48'. But all change because at the 79' Carrasco scored for Atletico and drew the result. All 90 minutes finished 1-1, no winner.

The match went in extra time. After the 30 minutes of the extra time none scored the victory goal so the penalties decided the winner. Real Madrid won 5-3, Ronaldo scored the last and winning goal.

Even they didn't win, for sure, Atletico Madrid is a very strong team and they have done a very good tournemant.  Zinedin Zidane won his first title as a coach. For Real Madrid this was the 11th title of the Champions League. They are the most titled team with this trophy.

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